Newsletter #2

Thank you for your ongoing support. Some news about upcoming events.

1. Closing ceremony with Jonathan & Anna on Sunday 14th December
Jonathan & Anna will be leaving on December 16. We would like to say good-bye in a short ceremony, which will include a talk, paying respect to the triple jewel and a discussion about meditation in 2015.

2. Center is open till January 4!
The center will stay open throughout the Christmas and New Year time, until January 4, 2015: Asher Gal, a teacher from the very same tradition as Jonathan & Anna (Achan Tong), will arrive to teach on December 17. This is a good opportunity for those who could not come before because of their duties.

3. JuneSeptember 2015
We have invited Jonathan & Anna to come back to teach from June to September 2015. They are looking forward to a warm Summer in Prague.

4. Thursday meditation group
The group is up and running from 6 pm to 8 pm every Thursday. The group starts with a short meditation, followed by a talk and finishes with a longer meditation. Everybody is welcome. Beginners will receive instructions about how to start Vipassana.

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