Newsletter #3

Dear Meditators,our meditation center in Prague will be open from the 3rd June until the end of the year; most of that time, Jonathan and Anna will be teaching there. Special thanks to Libor and Václav, who have sponsored the apartments in Trója and the teachers airfare.Upcoming events and news:

Opening ceremony at 6:00 pm on Sunday 07 June

Everyone is invited to the re-opening of the meditation center. Jonathan & Anna will host a short opening ceremony that will include an introduction, paying respect to the three refuges, a talk and a discussion about the future. Please confirm if you would like to come by sending a short e-mail. It is nevertheless possible to come starting from the 3rd for practicing.

Featured in Relax TV

Relax TV recently broadcasted a story on our meditation center. You can watch it at (Czech only).

Name of meditation center

In January, Achan Tong gave the meditation center an official Pali name: Tīsaranā Vipassanānuso. The name means “dedicated to Vipassanā through the three refuges (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha)”. Our website was moved to

Legal form

The center now has a proper non-profit form, and we have a new bank account for sending donations (CZK or €). Details are under “contact” on the website.

Visit to Thailand

We are planning a trip to visit the main temple, Wat Chom Tong, in Thailand from about 18 September to 02 October. This is a wonderful opportunity for all meditators to see Thailand and the temple and celebrate the birthday´s of Achan Tong on 21 September and Thanat Chindapo on 01 October and maybe do a short meditation retreat.Please forward this e-mail to anyone who might be interested.Yours truly,organizers & teachers.