Newsletter #1

Dear friends of meditation,rnrnthe organisers and teachers of the meditation center in Trója would like use this first Vipassana Sangha newsletter to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the temporary Vipassana meditation center by practicing meditation, giving donations, sending good wishes, visiting and sharing information.rnrnThe Pali word Sangha most commonly refers to the monastic community of ordained Buddhist monks or nuns but it also includes ordinary people who follow the teachings: do no harm, do good, clean the mind. Thus the Prague Sangha refers to anyone (irrespective of their religion) who voluntarily work together in an “association”, “company” or “community” to support and practice Vipassana meditation in Prague.rnrnThe newsletter has main two purposes:rn


  1. Weekly meditation group, Thursday at 6pm. A group, mostly participants from the previous year, would like to start meditating every Thursday evening at the center. The first meeting is this Thursday (13 November) starting at 6 pm (late comers are welcome) until 8:00 pm. There will an introduction to Vipassana meditation and detailed instruction how to start, a talk and then some practice. Everyone is welcome and no need to book ahead.
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  3. Email address. Please send a brief reply to this email to indicate whether you would like to stay on the mailing list. YES or NO. We will send the newsletter only very occasionally.
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rnPlease forward it to anyone who might be interested in coming to meditate. They can contact us directly at this email address.rnrnThank you & best wishes.rnrnorganisers