Vipassanā is a simple but powerful meditation method that develops mindfulness using walking and sitting exercises. Mindfulness leads to insight and the overcoming of suffering.

Tisarana offers Vipassanā courses in the Czech Republic, Prague as taught by Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo, meditation master and Abbot of Wat Chom Tong, Thailand.


Everyone is welcome. The courses are an opportunity for new students to learn meditation and for more experienced students to deepen their practice. New students will receive detailed instructions on how to meditate when they arrive. Teachers meet all students once a day individually to discuss their meditation conditions and are available 24hours per day for support.

Students can (unless noted otherwise) come and go at dates according to their possibilities. For students who want to finish the Basic Course, we recommend 21 days, for old students 11 days for a retreat. Even a single day of meditation is beneficial. Contact the center for more information.


The stay at the center and teaching are offered on donation. Students are encouraged to give donations, as they help the center and the teachers to cover their running costs. There might be additional costs for some courses (such as accommodation or food) which are not donation-based; see details of each course.