Newsletter #5

Dear Meditators

Thank you for supporting the meditation courses in August. They went very well. There were almost 100 participants at Žluté Lázně (on the picture).

The Tisarana center in Prague-Trója is open 7 days a week and it is possible to come to practice meditation any time. Contact Jonathan & Anna (+420722008067) or Václav (+420777576180) or send a message to

Every Thursday, there is a meditation group between 6pm and 8pm; you can come and join without prior notice.

We also organize or participate in special events; we would like to inform you about those from September to November.


  • 12 Lotus Center Mindfulness: one day meditation course. Mindfulness is always available, everywhere but how can we get the benefits? The course is from 9 am to 4 pm. Donations go to the Lotus Center. Please come and practice or bring a friend and support Lotus. Confirm booking with Jonathan and Anna (+420 722008067) or Vaclav (+420 777576180).
  • 18-03 Anna and Jonathan will fly to Wat Chom Tong, Thailand, for Achan Tong`s birthday. If anyone is interested in traveling together please contact us. The center will not be available for retreats but Vaclav will offer instructions (by appointment) for new students and group meditation on Thursday at 6:00 pm,


  • 10 Introduction course at Tisarana Center The course is aimed at new students. Time: 9am to 12am. Please confirm if you are interested. The course is advertised at the website.


  • 21 Zen Garden Course. We have been invited by Klara, Yin Yoga teacher, to offer a Vipassana course at the center. Time: 10am to 1pm. Please confirm if you are interested. The course is advertised at the website.

Please forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.